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Welcome to Recycle site

We produce furniture from recycled materials. - Modern high-quality and environmentally.

Clean, imaginatively, responsibly.

Furniture from recycled parts is often strikingly beautiful. Modern and contemporary recycled furniture is made entirely of recycled wood, plastic, paper, or metal.

  • Benches from old shutters and metal chair
  • Taburei of boxes
  • Various coffee tables and furniture from pallets
  • Greenhouse out of old windows

What we do?

Old things give new purpose

Instead Done to waste or to cut down forests to create new ones we recycle discarded items, furniture, chairs and give them new life

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Various sundries

What can be made of recycled materials

Furniture from pallets

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Benches from old shutters

Benches for the garden of the old blinds

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Pallets Others

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About us

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Taburei of crates

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